Will Jon Gosselin land in jail?

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Kate Gosselin (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

A top flight Los Angeles lawyer for Kate Gosselin, Marty Singer, has written a hardball letter to Jon Gosselin’s lawyer Mark Heller alleging that Jon withdrew $200,000 from a joint bank account.

According to Singer’s letter, Jon and possibly his attorney have violated a court order.


Did Lamar Odom get a prenup before the wedding?

•September 28, 2009 • 1 Comment

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, file)

The whole idea of a prenuptual agreement is that it is signed before a wedding ceremony.

Lakers star Lamar Odom and reality show cast member Khloe Kardashian may have timed their ceremony for the producers of Kardashian’s reality show according to TMZ.

And why not, when the bill for the nuptial celebration was reportedly paid by the show in exchange for the chance to air footage from the wedding.

The cost? Merely a cool $1 million. EXCERPT: FOR MORE CLICK HERE

Patriot Act Spares New York Terror Attack

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While serving up caf and decaf, the java guy was secretly working to commit mass murder.

Cream and sugar with your terrorist attack, madam? Glazed or jelly donut with your bomb blast, sir?

The recent arrest of suspected terrorist Najibullah Zazi reminds us all of the important role surveillance plays in safeguarding our people and our nation.

Zazi is in custody on charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. He was accused last week of conspiring to launch a bombing attack in America with the help of some common beauty supplies and insidious training from al-Qaida in Pakistan.

The terrorism suspect maintains that he was not part of a terrorist cell, according to his attorney, Arthur Folsom.

The 24-year-old Afghan immigrant worked as a vendor-cart operator in Lower Manhattan. He sold coffee and donuts. EXCERPT: FOR MORE CLICK HERE

Couple’s crime boast on ‘Dr. Phil’ leads to bust

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Syndicated television psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw may inadvertently be assisting federal prosecutors.

McGraw had a San Marcos, California couple on as guests, and the relaxed atmosphere of the show, along with the good doctor’s beguiling manner, had his guests announcing on national TV that they’d been fencing stolen property.

Thanks to some boasting by 34-year-old Matthew Eaton and his 26-year-old wife Laura on an episode of “Dr. Phil,” it was revealed that the couple procured a cool $100,000 by stealing toys and selling them on eBay. Excerpt – for more CLICK HERE

Police arrest suspect in Lindsay Lohan break-in

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Police have arrested a man suspected of breaking into the homes of two Hollywood stars, Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge.


Dems Protest over Glenn Beck Tribute

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Bud Norris didn’t realize what a firestorm he had created.

The Mount Vernon, WA mayor decreed that September 26 would be known as Glenn Beck Day. He also scheduled a ceremony to give Beck a key to the city that the Fox cable host was born in.

“I don’t know if I expected the magnitude of resistance,” Norris told CNN. But he also indicated that he has received “a tremendous amount of positive response.”

Norris has known Beck since Beck’s parents owned a bakery in Mount Vernon. The city official feels as though Beck’s success story should inspire all Mount Vernon residents regardless of their politics.

Evidently, some Dems disagree. Democrat groups have led protests in the city over the Beck salute.


Rihanna Photo Investigation Places Two Cops on Suspension

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rihanna1(3).gifTwo LAPD officers have been placed on a forced leave due to an internal investigation into how a photograph of then beaten and battered pop singer Rihanna was leaked to the TMZ Web site.

The photos of Rihanna are from her February 8th incident with former boyfriend Chris Brown.

The two officers, nine-year veteran Rebecca Reyes and rookie Blanca Lopez, have not had any charges filed against them.